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Developing Abilities & Enhancing Potential

Increasingly therapists and families are realizing the benifits to be gained by riding tricycles. Not only are they seeing the fun triking gives the rider, they are witnessing the benifits it provides through stimulation and cartiovascular exercise.

Wheather for use at home, at school, or for expeditions, our trikes are designed for everyone to enjoy. The secure feeling provided by the broad wheel base and well balanced handling coupled with the extensive range of positional accessories ensures that they can accomodate most physically challanged riders.

Available in four sized; Imp, Terrier, TMX, and Tracker, these trikes share the same distinctive sporty appearance. Comfort and support is provided by the extra wide padded saddle, an essential component therapists recommend for a stable seating position. This is complemented by the adjustable Hi-Low bend handlebars and seat adjustments which combine to ensure the rider is in the optimum position to pedal and control the tricycle in a confident manner.

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